About us

The history of MonPrunier started during summer of 2021, when we first ideated about the pushing our pashion for watches to a new level. We began envisioning a model we wanted to produce. It was supposed to be a piece for everyone and for every occasion, with precise time keeping, water resistant high enough to endure morning swim, with sapphire crystal glass so that it endures scratches and dents, with sleek & elegant design that matches both casual and formal wear.

MonPrunier sketch

With these ideas in mind, we approached a freelance designer from DK Watch Company. We've iterated several times on the designs before handing over to our supplier for mass production. In the second half of 2022, the first model was finally delivered to our stocks and ready to be sold.

MonPrunier watches have been carefully designed to appeal to modern tastes, without sacrificing any of the quality and reliability you've come to expect from a premium timepiece. It's an investment that'll last a lifetime, with timeless appeal and a convenient size you'll wear every day.

Every day, you can encourage the finest moments in life with a watch that embodies quality, style, and sophistication. MonPrunier watches feature a design that is sleek, elegant and understated. No matter what your lifestyle, these watches exude style that'll set you apart from the crowd.